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Debi Thompson

Ngati Pahauwera, Ngati Raukawa

As a Maori visual artist I see creating art as a vehicle for many outlets.  First and foremost it is an intimate platform to how I can express, convey or interpret the emotions and thoughts of what I feel and experience in my life or of life.  Innate to human nature is the fundamental awareness of exploring where one comes from and more importantly where we are going.  

As a first time mother this philosophy is constantly being redefined.  What we forfeit as visual artists in the extreme capacity of technological advancement is in itself the exciting challenge for human nature to appreciate what is not what isn’t.  

As my understanding and appreciation of art making evolves so will the realisation of who I am as an artist develops.  The challenge in the future will be to hold strong to the beliefs and teachings of what I have been privileged to have learnt during the years of studying visual arts will constantly continue to grow and change within the reality of societies exceptations. 

To enhance and embrace what I do know and for what I would like to incorporate of the endless materials and techniques of the art and craft world that within an evolutionary digital world is surmountable though extremely taxing on limiting oneself to the traditional genres or methodologies of the visual arts.  As an artist we are mere messengers in recording our world now, understanding who we are now.  

My natural inclination of art making is held within the two dimensional mediums and for the future I envisage developing these skills to explore my identity and ideology as a Maori, as a mother and as a visual artist.  


Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otago Polytechnic, and a Diploma of Teaching